The Fifth

Maybe one day I’ll care again

but I’m too old now to die young

Can’t seem to burn bright

I just seem to fade

My heart’s so hard

call the spade a spade

All the truth has run dry

now my life’s a lie

Can’t catch my own fish

no matter how I try

Need a miracle but I forgot to pray

and I make the same mistake every day

Lay my head down at night so I can sleep

only place I feel love is in my dreams

Haven’t touched her flesh in a thousand days

this loneliness could drive a man insane

If karma is the law, I plead the fifth

the scale’s so heavy I could never lift

Try to be a feather but my greed is gold

and I sold everything except my soul

Set the ship to ocean but it’s taking weight

water level rising to seal my fate

Lungs filling up, getting hard to breathe

broken moon hangs above a darkened sea

Blood runs thick through screaming veins

it’s all vanity, faith, guilt and pain

One last word escapes from these lips

no intentions left to manifest

I always thought fire is how I’d burn away

but I’m sinking straight down in this watery grave

Maybe one day I’ll care again

but tonight I’m sleeping with the fish

my only friends



Scott Thomas Outlar

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