Horse Shoes and Hand Grenades

breaking, breaking, breaking

until it’s broken

gasping, gasping, gasping

until he’s gone

hoping, hoping, hoping

we could save him

losing, losing, losing

until we’ve lost

          no regrets

          in the aftermath

          with a war torn mind that’s been ravaged

          tried our best

          in the moment

          but close enough never gets us far enough along

singing, singing, singing

through the sadness

crying, crying, crying

with blistered eyes

destined, destined, destined

for your greatness

so long, so long, so long

father sky

feasting, feasting, feasting

until the fast comes

drinking, drinking, drinking

until I’m sober

resting, resting, resting

with the flowers

waving, waving, waving

as he leaves



Scott Thomas Outlar

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