A Maelstrom of Chaos

I sense an Apocalyptic storm brewing right outside my windows. Streaks of electric lightning tendrils reach out and rip through the evening air, crackling with a violent urge toward desolation and destruction. The howling winds screech with the panicked sounds of Karmic Retribution on the move. The cycle is turning once more, and I am caught in the clutches of its strangling precision.

A thunderous roar booms, shaking the house and rattling my bones as it heralds the approaching tornado. It attacks with a powerful lust for carnage and mayhem, crashing without mercy into the walls which have, up to this point, been precariously keeping me safe. But now their structure bends as they begin to crumble all around me. My whole world is coming to pieces as a maelstrom of chaos and confusion wreaks havoc upon my fragile, weathered consciousness.

There is no escape. There is no safe haven toward which to flee. There is only the descent…the abyss…the fall…the end.

But then, at the edge of total devastation, in a moment of clarity that swarms like a flash of Revelation flooding through my neuron synapses, the realization enters my mind that my world already collapsed long ago. So what matters one more dance with the cruel fate of chaos? What matters one more hellish tumble closer toward my ultimate destiny of dust and ash? I was born into this world to one day die, but so too was I born to eventually rise.


Scott Thomas Outlar

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