Existential Sorrow…The Underbelly of Truth…Karma Coming Round…Faith in the Final Big Fuck Off to It All

Be true to thyself, and in this way you cannot help but be true to everyone else.

Eight poems published today:

It’s a Power Thing – Social Justice Poetry

Red Lips – Horror, Sleaze and Trash

Corruption – Horror, Sleaze and Trash

Holes in the Hive – Horror, Sleaze and Trash

‘Tis the Season – Horror, Sleaze and Trash

Elusive – Wilderness House Literary Review

Truth – Wilderness House Literary Review

Homeward Bound – Wilderness House Literary Review

It sure makes a blog post easier when you can just flake out at the end of the night and post a bunch of links to poems you’ve published on various sites throughout the day. But don’t get any funny ideas because that shit also takes a hell of a lot of work on the front end.


Scott Thomas Outlar

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