Primal Roar…The Enemy of My Enemy…System Malfunction…Finally Getting Something Right

I have fucked up so many times in my life that it would take another entire lifetime to try and count them up. But every once in awhile I get something right…and it makes every mistake I’ve lived through seem worth while…it puts every challenge I’ve undertaken into a new perspective…it makes the trials, tests and tribulations of this human experience seem necessary. Sometimes I grow a little bit as a person, and suddenly I remember what it means to play a part in this constantly unfolding process, to feel, to truly be alive…

I almost forgot what it was to actually feel. But lately I’ve been getting a dose straight to the head/to the heart. Bring it on.

Also, sometimes I remember that my Father passed away fourteen months ago, and, out of nowhere, it breaks my god damn heart.

Eight poems published the past couple of days:

A Primal Roar – Of/With

The Enemy of My Enemy – Expound

Blood and Urine – Expound

Crane the Neck, Bow the Back, Get on with the Show – Expound

System Malfunction – Expound

Memorabilia – Eye on Life Magazine

Adrenaline – Eye on Life Magazine

What I Want for Christmas – Eye on Life Magazine


Scott Thomas Outlar

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