Karmic Feeding Frenzy…A Love Affair with Wine…See You on the Other Side

The new issue of Harbinger Asylum (Spring 2015) was released today. It contains my poems “A Whispered Sacrifice” and “Karmic Feeding Frenzy”.

I had three poems accepted at Eye on Life Magazine this morning.

Dead Snakes published these two pieces: “System Shift” and “Date Night” – one of which is about my unquenchable love for red wine. Things are starting to get fairly serious between us. In fact, I’m head over heels for the girl. I’m even thinking about popping the question soon.

The Mind[less] Muse published: Points 12-21 of One Hundred Poetic Points. I wrote this fucker back in 2003 and have been sending out excerpts here and there over the past month or so.

There are much better blog entries than this one scattered throughout the past couple of months since I began this social media experiment…I recommend reading those instead of dwelling on the lack of content this sluggish bastard contains. A few publications and acceptances today. Yea, yea, yea…what else is going on in your life, Bubba? Not a whole helluva lot…it’s pretty much a one-pointed focus at this stage of the game. Success or annihilation. See you on the other side.


Scott Thomas Outlar

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