Evolution with Five Aces

Whenever someone plays four aces against you, just remember that the evolution card kept in your back pocket still trumps all. (But having a fifth ace up your sleeve still ain’t a bad idea, either)

Just because my body and mind are teaming up against me to try and prove the shady point that I can’t reach a solid buzz tonight doesn’t mean that I’m going to go down without giving 110 percent toward the effort.
I’ve fought tougher opponents on larger battlefields than this and come out victorious.
If there is one thing I’ve learned in life, it is that patience, persistence, and full on participation are the holy trinity golden key to enlightenment…or a good high…whichever comes first before the head hits the pillow.

Not a single thing published today. I’d like to break that habit immediately. Post haste, if not sooner.


Scott Thomas Outlar

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