A Rose and a Sword…A Fire and a Flood…Ash to Ash…Dust to Dust

I love my family, my friends, my tribe and my community with a violent passion…I hate my enemies with an equal fervor.

I came to this world with a rose for my lovers and a sword for the guts of the liars.

The truth comes in waves

The gods bleed in excess

The wine flows from heaven

The sex drains the flesh

The light ignites the soul

The shadow hangs from a cross

The prophet sleeps in the desert

The beggar rests under a tree

The apple is ripe with worms

The snake kisses with venom

The moon comes fast with night

The swarm is born from genes

The soup bubbles with evolution

The primal roar screams from a mountain

The silence is carried by the wind

The smoke signals the Word

The fire bathes the world

The flood follows the flame

The ash will rise again

Three poems published today:

Satiating Needs – Venus in Scorpio

Pied Piper – Social Justice Poetry

A Gnashing – The Screech Owl


Scott Thomas Outlar

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