Rhythms of the Word…Like unto Gods…Led to the Lie

Two of my poems have been published today at Tuck Magazine. Rhythm and Fallen are both excerpts from the project I’ve been hammering away at like a man possessed over the past three months. I’ve written over 600 pages of poetry during that time, and 93 pieces have been published at various venues so far. I’ve put together five chapbooks out of the material, one of which has been accepted by Dink Press, and another of which is in the early stages of negotiation with a different publisher.

Rhythm was actually one of the first pieces I wrote back in November when I was initially inspired by a documentary on Charles Bukowski that I happened upon. From that moment, I spent the next month devouring everything on YouTube about the man I could find – interviews, live readings, documentaries. Jesus, I must have spent around 30 hours watching and rewatching his surly disposition in action. If I had to crystallize my response to his style and methodology, I’d say it all sums up to this – Brutal honesty down to the marrow of the bones. Say what you damn well mean. That’s what I’ve tried to work on primarily, but, hell, I still love to dance with abstractions now and again.


Scott Thomas Outlar

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