Vibration Pollution…Brutal Baptism…Pyramid Ponzi Fiat Failure…Dancing on the Grave of Tyrants

Daydreaming Dystopia is a wild, hallucinatory, psychedelic, meandering screed that courses through the psyche, dives down rabbit holes, leaps to heavenly heights, sits at the right hand of God’s throne, crashes back to the fiery abyss, digs into the core, feasts on the marrow of bones, takes a sword of truth to the guts of lies, dances upon the grave of decadence and desolation, and sows seeds of chaos that will be reaped in a future season of order.

This essay was written last spring as part of my book, Zero-Point Graduation.  The excerpt appeared in Dissident Voice last September.  Since nothing new has been published so far today, I thought I’d dig into the archives and throw something strange back out into the world.


Scott Thomas Outlar

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