Robert V. Adkisson – Author’s Workshop

Dominic AlbaneseBastards Had the Whole Hill Mined

Elynn Alexander

Joe Altamore – triedmybestyouknow

Christian AlvarezThe Beat: poetry/flash

Carolyn W. Ballard – Diversity of the Minds Facebook Page

Bill “Fireball” Ball – Facebook; Instagram

Ben Banyard – Poet. Writer. Mixtapist.

Ellen Wade Beals – Solace in a Book

Debbie Berk – Poetry from the dark side

Karen Mary Berr – Poetry & Video

April Mae M. Berza – pablo neruda syndrome

Don Beukes – The South African Poet

A.j. Binash – Romantic Clowning

Joshua Joseph Bissot – Wizards of Words

Jade Blackmore

R.L. Black

C. Steven Blue – Wordsongs

G.N. Boorse – asotherswere; Don’t Touch the Glass

Mark Bouras

Bree – The Artist Bree

Alan BrittLost Among the Hours; Interview with Library of Congress

Heath Brougher – Poetry editor of Into the Void Magazine

Adam Levon Brown

Brendan Burrow – Gonzo Today Archive

Alexzan Marie Burton – Whiskey Musings

Aubrey Byers – We are we.

J.J. Campbell – Evil Delights

Angela M. Carter

Michael Aaron Casares 

Juliet Cook – Horrific Confection

Devin Copeland – Poems, Prose & Prose Poetry

PW Covington

Amber Decker – Rough Verse

JD DeHart – The Truth About Snails

Anastasia Ika Saniscara DewiInstagram; Facebook

James Diaz – Molecular Whatever

Maria Castro Dominguez – PoetryNow

John Dorsey

Sarah Doughty – Heartstring Eulogies; Twitter; Instagram

Claudia Downs

Matt Duggan – Poet

Vanessa K. Eccles – Editor of Belle Reve Literary Journal

Brett Edwards – Mr. Eco

Marcia Epstein – Talk With ME (radio program); Facebook

Alexis Rhone Fancher

Guy Farmer – Poet and Joke Writer

Pryde Foltz – YouTube

Amy Strauss FriedmanTwitter

Kate Garrett

Jessica Gleason – A Demon to Remember


Patricia Goodwin – Poet & Writer

Howie Good – Apocalypse Mambo

Chris Gorrie – Bands: Giant Surprise; Retra; Future Age; Boychick

Asha Gowan

Allison Grayhurst


John Guzlowski – Lightning and Ashes

Geosi Gyasi – Geosi Reads

Ryan Hardgrove – Facebook Writer Page & SoundCloud

Natasha Head – The Tashtoo Parlour

Glenda Higgins – Webfootedness

Robin Ouzman Hislop – Editor of Poetry Life & Times

Karen Paul Holmes – Freelance Writer and Poet

Thaddeus Hutyra – Fun World

Christopher Iacono – Cuckoo Birds

Glynn M. Irby

Charity Janisse WordPress site

Alan W. Jankowski

Mike Jewett – Publisher and Editor of Boston Poetry Magazine

Michael Lee Johnson – Poetry Man

Christie-Luke Jones

Strider Marcus Jones

Patrick Jordan – Notes From the Edge: Facebook Group

Laura M. Kaminski (Halima Ayuba) – The Ark of Identity

Raymond Keen

Daniel Klawitter

Steve Klepetar – The Poetry Storehouse Archive

Robert Knox – prosegarden

Irene Koronas – X-Peri

Katerina Kovatcheva 

Shannon Kringen -SynKRINGnicity

Mikel K – Please Allow Me To Introduce Myself

Mark Laliberte

Cal Leckie – Mancunian Bedbug

Johnny Longfellow – Editor of Midnight Lane Boutique

Xavier Lopez Jr. – A Place For My Art

Aaron La Lux – Amazon Page

Sommer Lyn – Shameless Self Promotion

Shannon Lynette – Lady on a Wire

Nicole Lyons – The Lithium Chronicles; Facebook; Twitter

Joey Madia – New Mystics Review

Matt Margo – I can’t concentrate on a title.

Susan Marie

Marianna Marsala – Reflections of an Aspiring Nutritionist

Heather Maru – Blue Maru

Heidi Renee Mason

Mike Meraz

Megan Merchant – Poet

Sarah Frances Moran – Editor of Yellow Chair Review

Charles E.J. MoultonAphrodite’s Curse

Leah Mueller – Slight Uphill in a Head Wind

Martina Reisz Newberry 

Constance van Niekerk – The Chronicles of Constance

Eric Robert Nolan – Author

Norman J. Olson

Robert Olson – Katovski

Wale Owoade – Editor at Expound Magazine

Michelle Augello-Page – Editor at Siren

Weasel Patterson

Dustin Pickering – Editor at Transcendent Zero Press

Kushal Poddar – Facebook Author Page

John Pursch – Twitter

Rehan Qayoom

Shirani Rajapakse

Emily RamserChickadee Thoughts

Chad Saint Reeves

C.F. Roberts – Outsider Art, Folk Art, Art Brute, Raw Art, Mutant Art

Phillip Matthew Roberts – Lost and Found

Alexandra Rodrigues – WittyWackyWise

Debra Ross – Fallen Angel Poetry Facebook Group

Soodabeh Saeidnia – Soodabeh Poems

Tony Sarch – Poetry and Stories

Nikki Anne Schmutz – A Little Fire Leaping

Surazeus Simon Seamount – Hermead of Surazeus; FB Page

Chumki Sharma – Facebook Poetry Page

Sheikha A. – Write Me, Saudade

Donna J. Snyder – poetry from the frontera

Jason Mykl Snyman – The Strange Brontides

Felino A. Soriano – Editor at Of/with: a journal of immanent renditions

Steven Storrie – Black Coffee for Breakfast

Donna Surles – the COMPLETE works of a nuclear mystic

John Swain – Under the Mountain Born

Leslie Tate – Author and Poet

Kristopher D. Taylor – Editor of Dink Press

Nicole Taylor – Writing Under Stars; Twitter

Dee Thompson – The Crab Chronicles

Tiku Tiikulu – Spinning a Yarn of Life; Twitter

Nana Arhin Tsiwah – The Village Thinker

Meghan Tutolo – Writer, Painter, Creator

Dan Veach – Elephant Water: Poetry, painting, and music

Dennis Villelmi – a death’s head in green light.


Randi Ward

Vin J. Whitman – The Octopus Diary

Stephen Jarrell Williams – Poet of Doom

Mariah E. Wilson – We Walk Alone

Phillip Wilson – Pensational; Facebook; Twitter; Instagram

Scott Wozniak – poet, short story writer, chaos enthusiast

E.S. Wynn – Founder of Thunderune Publishing

John Yamrus

Nicole Yurcaba

Cheryl Yurkowski – Anarchobabe: FaceBook; Twitter; Instagram

Catherine Zickgraf 

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      1. I’m doing my best to lay out a good spread on the table…my appetite for fine verse is insatiable, and so, at times, gluttony becomes me while seeking large doses of inspiration.

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