Random Reflections on Life after 35 Years on Earth

Things are not always as they seem.
Conditions on planet earth are in a mess.
Life itself is the most wondrous of blessings.
Mindfulness is the holy path toward good mental health.
Detoxification is the golden key toward physical wellbeing.
There are few pleasures greater than a glass of wine,
good sex, and the first cigarette of the day.
All solid form is an illusion of limited perception.
Vibrations and frequencies of energetic light underlie all existence.
The only murder that is righteous is that of mosquitos.
Community is a natural inclination of humans,
while collectivism is a curse orchestrated by fascists.
Never take seriously the opinions held by those
who are afraid of their own shadow’s reflection.
The time of Empire has nearly reached its expiration date.
An artistic Renaissance and spiritual Revolution are underway.
You cannot change the world by planting a single seed,
but you can help the process of transformation through such an action.
Never take for granted the love of friends and family.
The Tao is a river of constantly shifting currents,
flowing and fluxing as needed in order to adapt and evolve.
There is a season for all things –
a time for feasting and a time for fasting,
a time for work and a time for play,
a time for love and a time for hate,
a time for action and a time for rest,
a time for celebration and a time for sobriety,
a time for music and a time for silence,
a time for company and a time for solitude,
a time for peace and a time for war,
a time for this,
a time for that,
and, of course, a time for the other.
The truth arrives in waves:
be ever ready to catch its rising tide.
Explosive energy is a destructive force,
while implosion taps into the creative source.
Chaos is a necessary state of being,
as it is through the process of something breaking down
that a higher state of order can emerge.
The Kingdom of Heaven is found within.
The pineal gland is the seat of the soul.
God is consciousness; consciousness is God.
All are called, but only those who are ready shall be chosen.
Those who think they know, don’t.
Those who remain open to enlightenment shall receive it.
The future belongs to those who are ready for anarchy.
There are an infinite number of angles
from which to view any given situation.
Always remain aware of context.
The Silver Rule:
Never treat others in a way you wouldn’t want to be treated.
The Golden Rule is generally effective
but tends to break down when followed by
sadists, sociopaths, psychopaths, and masochists.
A person that seeks power over others
does not truly have power over their own self.
Peace, love, truth, empathy, compassion, kindness,
generosity, humility, honor, and faith
are all important aspects of life,
but in the end, above all,
is Love.
I turned 35 years old yesterday. These were my thoughts in the woods at the park…during the first visit. I doubled back later in the evening and chased one more poem down as the sun fell and the night became as dark as ink.
I used to write and say, I’m bleeding my soul out. Now I write and say, it is what it is.

A welcome surprise yesterday as my poem “Toasting the gods” was published at Poetry Life & Times. The editor, Robin Ouzman Hislop had accepted a couple of poems back in late February, and then published “Waiting for Its Turn” in early March. There was never any set date on when the next piece would appear, and now it has. Beautiful.
I had a request from a friend in one of the Facebook groups I enjoy, Notes from the Edge, asking if I would mind recording the poem from yesterday’s blog post. Which I was certainly more than happy to do. I’ll post the SoundCloud link below:
Feel free to contact me here at 17Numa, or on Facebook and Twitter…I’m down to connect…let’s dance –
Scott Thomas Outlar

3 thoughts on “Random Reflections on Life after 35 Years on Earth

    1. Thank you much, Don. Well, I spent the day basically the same as I would any other…writing, typing, editing, sending out submissions, reading the work of my contemporaries, networking, and working on this blog…so it was, indeed, a good day. I was given some gift cards to a health food store and so was able to go have a bit of fun and pick up a few goodies. I’m especially excited about a Reishi mushroom supplement that I purchased. I used the same brand many years ago and experienced great results as far as mood and mental clarity, so I’m hoping for a similar experience this time around. Selah


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